My Family

I wanto to take this space to say a few words about the people living around me.

My Wife, Barbara

We came to know each other in the office, back in the year 2007. With time we grew fond of each other and married in 2011. Since then we try to manage lifes challenges together - and also created three of our own.

She is constantly fighting to keep an organisational overview of the chaos called our life. Without her, weekends would not be full of fun activities. And even in the darkest hours she's always on my side.

My Kids

Even when I'm complaining how stressfull life with three boys is - I love them from the bottom of my heart.

Simon the Firstborn

Born in 2013 our first child had a difficult start. He usually is the more considerate, emotional and diplomatic guy. Being quite creative and imaginative he often tries to get around rules by sending his brother to do his bidding.

Paul the Energetic

Paul was born in 2017. One year later he learned to run and never stopped since. He is the energetic, peppy and exuberant one in our family. Everything he does he does 150% and with full force.

Jakob the Youngest

Born in 2019 Jakob still needs to fight for a space between his bigger brothers. He does that by looking absolutely cute and being a good-natured and relaxed person. He could smile and eat all day.